Peter Scipilliti | Magnum 27 Sport

Peter Scipilliti’s Magnum 27 Sport is still in the restoration phase. She will be beautiful when she’s done, though. Because I survived 9/11 as a New York City fireman, I intend to dedicate and pay homage to the 343 firefighters lost that day …

TJ Kaltenbach and a 1968 Magnum Marine 35

Originally shared on in November 2015 with progression updates and photos through December 2017. ––– This hull was a project that had a lot of work into it when I picked it up. It’s a 1968 Magnum Marine 35. I got it completely stripped of all wiring/plumbing/fittings but did pick up many boxes of stuff.

John Gergel | Magnum 45

John Gergel, from the Great Lakes region of the US, loves his 45′ Magnum Headroom. “Everywhere we take our Magnum, it never fails to draw a crowd because of its heritage and rarity on the Great Lakes.”