Refining The Brand | Passion as Art – Part 2

Picking up where we left off last week… we will continue with a section from the Magnum Marine 45th Anniversary Book.
Peter Janssen, longtime editor of MotorBoating Magazine, who has written about Magnum since 1982, agrees: “In many ways, since Ted died, she is the brand. She’s charismatic, extremely personable, beautiful, smart, sophisticated, and well-traveled.

Magnum Makes Appearance at Monaco Yacht Show

Katrin Theodoli recently returned from the Monaco Yacht Show, billed as the “Pinnacle of Luxury”, hosted in the iconic Port Hercules. She visited with clients, friends and soon to be clients of the famed Magnum brand. She visited with many, discussing the new Magnum 70’ coming next year. Currently in production, the new Magnum will…

Magnum on Thunderboat Row in the 70’s & 80’s

The acquisition of Magnum Marine by the Filippo Theodolis in 1976 was the brand’s defining moment. The year also marked a personal milestone for Katrin and Filippo, who celebrated the birth of their son, Giovanni. Filippo’s passion for Magnum and its future was strong. He had the innovative idea of transforming the race boat into…