Magnum Patrol Craft for McDonnell Douglas

It is easy to see why Customs came back for more three years later. This time, they ordered three Magnum 40s with General Motors 6V92 diesels coupled to Arneson Drives. These were also enclosed pilothouse versions, and in a letter from the Department of the Treasury, Edward R. Callahan commented: “After four months of operation,…

Magnum Patrol Craft Built for US Coast Guard

After the US Customs Service ordered Magnum 27’s to use as patrol boats in 1978, they came back onto the scene in 1985, when they ordered two patrol boats based on the Magnum 38 hull. These were the first patrol boats that Magnum had built that featured enclosed pilothouses to give the crews some weather…

Magnum Marine and the Military

Magnum Marine and the Military

The image of Magnum Marine is one of a great lifestyle in the sun, but there is also a serious side to the business that involves the military. The very qualities of Magnum boats that allow them to make passages in conditions when the prudent seaman stays in harbor makes the Magnum boats appeal to…

Magnum Featured in eAREA Magazine

Magnum Marine is featured in eAREA Magazine! Check it out below on pg. 52! ad alcuni dei cantieri che hanno fatto la storia della nautica, trasformando quel terreno deserto nella leggendaria “thunderboat Row”, il “vicolo delle barche tuonanti”, Magnum Marine Fu una delle creazioni più riuscite: grazie a un fascino e una sensualità uniche nelľ…

Magnum Marine was recently featured in Primo Magazine! Read more below for more information on the extravagant Magnum 51!

Magnum 51 Featured in Primo Magazine!

Magnum Marine was recently featured in Primo Magazine! Read more below for more information on the extravagant Magnum 51! Questo nuovo Magnum 51 – in livrea completamente blu elettrico – è stato consegnato la scorsa estate 2014 a un cliente di Miami. Dotato di doppia motorizzazione MTU 10V2000M94 di 1.600 HP, questo modello porta con sé i…

Magnum 51 Bestia Featuring in YACHTING — Russia's Premier Marine Magazine

Magnum 51 Bestia Featuring in YACHTING — Russia’s Premier Marine Magazine

Earlier this year, the Magnum 51 Bestia was featured in Yachting: Russia’s Premier Marine Magazine. Check out what they had to say about Magnum Marine, below! В обновленной модели Magnum 51 Bestia, которую американская верфь Magnum Marine с успехом продемонстрировала на Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2014, ставка сделана на экономичность и улучшенный комфорт. При…

Magnum Marine: Monarch of Muscle

Magnum Marine: Monarch of Muscle

Magnum Marine has a rich and complex history, as our line of boats and yachts have had an incredible impact on both the powerboating and yachting community and industries over the years. As we move forward, we always like to look back and what we’ve accomplished. Check out this great article from the Robb Report.…

Magnum Marine Featured in Coolture Magazine

Check out pg.180-182 of Coolture Magazine below to see a feature article showcasing Magnum Marine! Magnum Marine in Miami, Florida is launching the fastest and largest high-performance yacht. The famous author, Tom, Wolf, who was abroad this new Magnum model, writes “I thought I was looking at the X-15. The Magnum 80′ had the same look…

Kudos Lifestyle Features Magnum Marine

Check out pg.102 of the magazine below to see a feature article showcasing Magnum Marine! Kudos Lifestyle is a luxury living and culturally–focused Italian publication. Veloci e indistruttibili — L’appassionante Ricerca Delle Prestazioni Superiori Sulle Onde: Di Henry Neuteboom. — La storia di Magnum Marine é una storia di barche molto veloci, stabili e praticamente indistruttibili, sempre all’avanguardia per quanto riguarda la tecnologia.

Magnum Marine Featured on Barche Magazine

Magnum Marine Featured on Barche Magazine

Raduno “di classe” — Una tre giorni in cui si sono alternati relax e adrenalina, con un tour itinerante in una delle zone più famose e belle d’Italia, è stata organizzata dalla Osg Racing di Giancarlo Cangiano per festeggiare i 45 anni del cantiere di Katrin Theodoli di Marina Mancuso

Lenny Kravitz Talks Magnum Marine

Lenny Kravitz Talks Magnum Marine

Lenny Kravitz talks about his experience with Magnum Marine, and his Magnum 60′ boat in the interview, below. Q. Why did you choose a Magnum Marine? For example, did you research other yacht/luxury boat makers and decide that Magnum had the quality, styling, or speed you needed? Lenny: Being a design enthusiast, my first criteria…

Introducing: Magnum Marine Magnum 51’

Magnum 51 Featured on La Revue Automobile

Magnum Marine is excited to announce that once again, the lush Magnum 51 was featured in the media, this time by the french luxury website La Revue Automobile for the yacht’s beautiful build and excellent craftsmanship. Read the article in it’s original language below: C’est dans son fief de Miami que le plus important chantier…

Magnum Fans and Owners Post Stunning Images Of Boats

Magnum Marine Fans and Owners Post Stunning Images Of Boats

International Magnum Fans and Owners have once again shown their loyalty and enthusiasm for the brand by showcasing excellent images acquired and taken of Magnum Marine boats! Strewn across social media, these photos show the passion our fans have for the brand, vigor we love to see at Magnum. Magnum fans and owners are the biggest force behind our success at Magnum, and we appreciate their support. Check out the fan photo gallery below!