Magnum 80' Series

Designed by Pininfarina, this new Magnum model is the fastest high performance luxury yacht in its class in the world. Powered by twin MTU 2600 HP diesels coupled to Arneson surface drives, this new Magnum 80’ will reach top speeds of over 60mph.

The Magnum 80 Sport can accommodate up to four double staterooms, each with a separate head, a very large salon, galley and crew cabin. All interiors are built according to each client’s personal requirements. Staterooms include king size beds. Interiors can be finished in burl, lacquer or leather.

Only Magnum can offer this level of luxury, performance and seaworthiness.

Seatrial Report Reprint from Raceboat International. Author: Tony Wiese

“ The 80 footer is Magnum’s biggest project to date…The styling is dramatic The boat has a beam of almost 20’ and weighed in at over 100,000 lbs …Having been on numerous yachts, sports boats, raceboats, etc, it takes a lot to impress me, but quite simply the 80’ Magnum is one of the top performance boats I have ever been on! I found the 80 footer had no bow lift while coming on plane,…in 45 seconds it was doing 45 mph, and we topped out at 53 mph. With lighter load the factory had seen 56 mph.

The boat handled like a dream, as if it were an 18’ ski boat. At any speed the 80 tracked straight and true and carved crisply through turns with ease. The Arneson drives also provided exceptional maneuverability at slow speeds and around docks. Even with 3600hp screaming under you…the cockpit was quite enough to carry a normal conversation. The cockpit would easily seat 20 or 30 and an additional 6 or 8 could lay out on the sun pad.

The cabin was very roomy, although not complete in this case. Magnum has all of their interiors hand crafted in Italy, and the owner of this first model requested specifically that the yacht be shipped to Italy for installation, rather than wait for the interiors to be brought to the US and installed. Apparently, he does not wait one moment longer than he has to to use his awesome 80-foot performance yacht. The Magnum is absolutely incredible!”

US System Metric System
Deep V hull
LOA 79′ 24.08 m
Maximum Beam 20′ 6 m
Draft, approx. 4’6″ 1.37 m
Displacement, approx. 120,000 lbs 54.4 tons
Fuel Capacity 1,500 gals 5,678 l
Fresh Water Capacity 400 gals 1,514 l
Top speed, approx. 60 mph 52 kts
Power: Twin MTU or CAT diesels 2,600 HP each
Drives Arneson Surface Drives