Magnum Marine Office Closing — Hurricane Irma

Magnum Marine Office Closing — Hurricane Irma

Due to Hurricane IRMA, the Magnum Marine office will be closed on September 7th and 8th and will reopen when the storm passes. We are securing our facilities for the storm, and ensuring our employees maintain safety during the hurricane. We hope that all of our fans and friends in Florida and along the East Coast stay safe during this historic event.


Magnums in the Wild — Magnum Galleon 35'

Magnums in the Wild — Magnum Galleon 35

Galleon is a Magnum 35’ built in 1972 that was added to the Magnum series by Apeco in 1968 who continued Aronow’s racing tradition and developed the Magnum 28’,25’ and 35’, now called the Classics. The beginning of the American high-performance, deep-vee boat started in 1958, with the first deep-vee hull, designed by Ray Hunt.…


Gianni Cacace's Magnum 80'

Gianni Cacace’s Magnum 80′

Check out this testimonial from Gianni Cacace about being a part of the Magnum family his passion for Magnum Marine boats! I participated with great pleasure in the Magnum 45th Anniversary Rendez-Vous organized in June 2011 by our friend Giancarlo Cangiano in Ischia; and it is also with great pleasure that I take this occasion…


Jack Kraft's Magnum 27' Sport

Jack Kraft’s Magnum 27′ Sport

In this testimonial by Jack Kraft, he talks about how Magnum Marine introduced him to the world of offshore boating. Read more, below!  My time associated with Magnum exposed me to the dawn of the offshore boating age. The personalities, like the boats, were larger than life, powerful, colorful, sometimes dangerous but always reliable. Dick…


Michel Langlois's Magnum 27' Sport

Michel Langlois’s Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out this testimonial from Michel Langlois about his Magnum 27′ Sport! My old Magnum is still running great and is more and more popular with time. Believe it or not, this last spring, my wife and I trailed the boat from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale and we did a round trip from Fort Lauderdale, Nassau, Eleuthera, Cat…


Dana Nicgorski's Magnum 28'

Dana Nicgorski’s Magnum 28′

Check out Dana Nicorski’s testimonial about his Mangum 28′!   I purchased my 1976 Maltese Magnum from the original owner in 1989. He would not complete the sale until I built a garage to keep her in. This is certainly a boat worth taking care of and I have tried my best to keep her in original condition. It’s amazing…


François Lafon's Magnum 44'

François Lafon’s Magnum 44′

Check out François Lafon’s testimonial about his Magnum 44′!  As you probably know, Tim Again arrived safe in St. Tropez. What a boat! You and your team did a fantastic job. The choice of material, the colors, the painting, the interior… this boat is unique! I dreamt of it and you did it! And of course, last but not least,…


Jack Mathes Magnum 27' Sport

Jack Mathes Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out Jack Mathes’ testimonial about his Magnum 27′ Sport!  My first ride in a Magnum was when I went with my father (Jack Sr.) down to the Magnum factory for a demo in a 27’ Sport. I remember the long sleek deck looked like an aircraft carrier deck. My father and I were quite…


Louise Ann Ford's Magnum 27' Sport

Louise Ann Ford’s Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out Louise Ann Ford’s testimonial about her Magnum 27′ Sport! Here are a few shots of my 1969 27’ Magnum. She was built by Don Aronow to go along with a Magnum 35 that my father George Ford had built for himself in 1967 or 1968. They were both the same matching blue. Unfortunately, Dad sold the 35’…


Jeff Hall's Magnum 27 Sport

Jeff Hall’s Magnum 27 Sport

Check out Jeff Hall’s testimonial about his Magnum 27 Sport! I have enclosed pictures of my 27’ Sport The Hawk. It is hull #121 built in 1971. It was raced during the 1970s as The Hawk and was kept in the original configuration, which is quite rare for a boat of this type and age. Every time I tie up at the dock or throw out the anchor, people start to gather around to have a look. Hopefully they enjoy the classic lines and original styling as much as I do!