Victor Borge's Magnum 50

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Dear Katrin,
Finally home again and stealing a few hours away from my desk and piano aboard “50-001.” I am, you may understand, in sixth heaven. Had time permitted, I could have been in seventh! However, the few limited cruises were complete joy—even for Sanna, who is thrilled with the Magnum. So far Akvavit V has behaved splendidly, and without minimizing the efforts of the builders, I am delighted with Capt. Steve Wills and his wife Sherry who keep the vessel in perfect condition and treat it as if it were their own.

Indeed, with this letter I wish to thank you for having stretched far, far, far to make it possible for us to use the boat this season and to allow me to acquire your gorgeous opus one.

I thank and love you for it. I love you anyway.