Dan Houck's Magnum 27 Sport

Dan Houck’s Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out Dan Houck’s testimonial about his Magnum 27′ Sport! When I was a teenager back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I worked at Markley Marine, which was a Magnum Dealer at that time here in Southeast Michigan. I always remember saying to myself that someday I would own a Magnum since it…


Mel Voss's Magnum 27 Sport

Mel Voss’s Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out Mel Voss’s testimonial about his Magnum 27′ Sport! The thing I liked about Vixen was how simply she was built, but still very strong. I’m not going into everything we did to put her back in shape, but I have to say it is the straightest, squarest boat I have ever worked on, and also the strongest. In…