Aquatic Beast: Magnum 51 by Magnum Marine

Magnum Marine’s ‘Magnum 51’ has just been unveiled at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2014. Equipped with twin MTU 10V2000M94 producing an impressive 1,600 hp, the Magnum 51 represents the results of Magnum Marine’s quest to build a more environmentally friendly boat – especially in terms of fuel economy and speed. Built specially for…

New Magnum 51 To Debut at Ft. Lauderdale Show

New Magnum 51 To Debut at Ft. Lauderdale Show

Magnum Marine has announced that its new Magnum 51 model will make her debut at the upcoming Ft.Lauderdale International Boat Show. By special appointment and permission from owner, the boat will be available for sea trials after the show. Equipped with twin MTU 10V2000M94 of 1,600 HP, the new model represents the results of Magnum…


Magnum Marine New 51 Edition at FLIBS2014

Magnum Marine in Miami Florida displays the newest Magnum 51 at the Ft.Lauderdale International Boat Show. This new, blue, Magnum 51 has been delivered this summer 2014 to a client in Miami. Equipped with twin MTU 10V2000M94 of 1,600 HP, this boat represents the results of Magnum Marine new studies in a more environmental friendly…

Magnum Marine Magnum 51

Magnum Marine Launches Its Magnum 51 Powerboat Line

The debut Magnum Marine’s Magnum 51 powerboat will be shown October 30 through November 3 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Delivered to its owners this summer, the first example of the 51-foot Magnum 51 line is equipped with new environmentally friendly features that allow the boat to perform just as exceptionally as its…

Magnum Marine Inside The Cave In Bonifacio

Check out these incredible shots of Ivo Redaelli’s Magnum 44′ entering the cave in Bonifacio, Corsica. This is just one of many examples of worldwide Magnum owners soaking up the warmth of summer during the holidays. Bonifacio is highly acclaimed to be one of the beautiful places to visit. Below is a short excerpt from…

New Magnum Marine Swimwear!

Breaking News! Two new sets of swimtrunks spotted! Sardinia, Italy: The first Magnum Marine swim trunks as seen in Sardinia, Italy this weekend. Don’t miss out on these new awesome trunks; take advantage of this limited opportunity before supplies run out! These sleek new swim trunks are available for purchase as a custom order.

Magnum Marine Started Off 2014 With a Bang!

Magnum Marine tends to keep busy with steady growth, but 2014 has already been an exceptional year! Not only has Magnum created and released its 45th Anniversary Book, but we’ve launched the new Blue Magnum 51′. Both the book and the launching of the new blue magnum have gotten Magnum Marine on a great start…

Magnum Marine 45th Anniversary Book RELEASED

  Magnum Marine is Celebrating 45 years with its Anniversary Book! Purchases Yours Today in the Online Store! Magnum Marine has published its new 45th Anniversary Book! The book contains coverage on Magnum Marine’s history, accomplishments, developed models, owners, boat designs, and more!

Magnum Marine Featured Press Reviews

Have You Seen The Press Reviews? Over the years, Magnum Marine has been covered numerous occasions in the press and published in various notable press reviews for their innovation and design. Below is a brief listing of their featured press reviews. For the full list, click here! The Robb Report Yachts France New Miami Showcase

Magnum's History

A Trip Through Magnum’s History: Legendary Photos

Do You Know the Facts on Magnum’s History? Magnum Marine was founded in 1966, by offshore champion and boat builder, Don Aronow. It began with the designed and custom-made 27′ race boat that the racer built for himself, named the “Maltese Magnum”. After the successful design, a factory was needed in order to build more…

2013 Miami Boat Show

Magnum Marine made an appearance at the 2013 Miami Boat Show and met with fans from all around the world! In fact, we had the honor of meeting His Excellency, Sheik Hamad bin Mohamed bin Sulman Al Khalifa, of Bahrain! Our Gold Magnum 51′ was featured at this boat show and did not disappoint.

October 2009 – Magnum 100′

The new Magnum 100′ model presented by Magnum Marine, will be Magnum’s largest yacht. The styling was designed by the talented young, Italian designer, Alberto Mancini, and offers a completely new concept of outdoor cockpit livability. The Magnum 100′ has different seating, dining and viewing areas, with an expandable top providing various and movable shaded…

September 2009 – Magnum 51′

The new Magnum 51′ is, at 74 MPH, the fastest, large Magnum yacht ever launched. The deck was designed for Magnum by the Brazilian designer, Luiz de Basto. Just as her predecessor, the Magnum 50′ Bestia, she is still, and even more so, a BEAST. Her tremendous speed and brute power make this new Magnum…