Victor Borge's Magnum 50

Victor Borge’s Magnum 50′

Check out Victor Borge’s testimonial about his Magnum 50′! Dear Katrin, Finally home again and stealing a few hours away from my desk and piano aboard “50-001.” I am, you may understand, in sixth heaven. Had time permitted, I could have been in seventh! However, the few limited cruises were complete joy—even for Sanna, who is…

Herb Bryant Magnum 53 Center Console

Herb Bryant Magnum 53′ Center Console

Check out Herb Bryant’s testimonial of his Magnum 53′ Center Console! I have great memories of my association and friendship with Ted, Katrin and Magnum Marine. A great couple and a great product! And Katrin has taken this product forward with such class. I truly miss the days spent at Magnum and not having seen Katrin recently, because we both…

Philippe Boutboul's Magnum 70

Philippe Boutboul’s Magnum 70′

Check out Philippe Boutboul’s testimonial about his Magnum 70′! Of all the boats I owned, the Magnum 70 is without doubt the one that gives me the greatest happiness. It is a fast boat with an incredible behavior in big waves, it runs so smoothly. My boat has the particularity to have probably the largest sound system ever put…

Mel Voss's Magnum 27 Sport

Mel Voss’s Magnum 27′ Sport

Check out Mel Voss’s testimonial about his Magnum 27′ Sport! The thing I liked about Vixen was how simply she was built, but still very strong. I’m not going into everything we did to put her back in shape, but I have to say it is the straightest, squarest boat I have ever worked on, and also the strongest. In…

Gianmarco Golia's Magnum 53

Gianmarco Golia’s Magnum 53

Check out Gianmarco Golia’s testimonial about his Magnum 53′! Our Magnum was born with us and will hopefully be with us for many more years to come. The passion for the sea started with my father, who always owned boats. Every time an important choice was to be made for a boat which was going…